Hand held laser welding

The working principle of the handheld fiber laser welding machine is to irradiate the high-energy laser beam directly on the surface of the workpiece, melt the interior of the material through the interaction between the laser and the material, and then cool and crystallize to form the weld. This welding method has the advantages of beautiful weld, fast welding speed, simple operation and no consumables. It can perfectly replace the traditional argon arc welding in the field of sheet metal materials. Using hand-held laser welding equipment, the requirements for operation technology are greatly reduced, and there is no need for work license and rich experience, which greatly reduces the labor cost of welding and is simple and easy to use. It is only necessary to adjust the welding parameters according to the thickness of the welding material, and there is no need to add welding wire and other auxiliary consumables gas in the welding process. The handheld laser welding machine has strong penetration ability, neat and beautiful welding, and good welding hardness.

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