How to Reasonably Design the Sheet Metal Parts?

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Sheet Metal Supplier

How to Reasonably Design the Sheet Metal Parts ?
Generally speaking, what I can think of is that you should pay attention to the following points.

1. Reasonable cost: The first consideration for reasonable sheet metal design is cost. The product should be clearly positioned as high, medium or high-end, which involves material selection, process layout, surface treatment decoration, etc. to achieve “reasonable” cost.
2、Rationalization of modeling, sheet metal has its own special process, which should be adapted to the modeling design, with as little curve design as possible.
3. Reasonableness of material selection: The same consideration is given to the application and environment of the product in the selection of raw materials and surface treatment technology.
4、Rationalization of structure: sheet metal focuses on stiffness rather than strength, and the cross-sectional design of bending parts should be reasonable.
5, the rationality of the process: that is, the manufacturability of the product (need to go down to the production line to exercise), such as bending avoidance, welding point welding seam design can not affect the deformation after welding, punching mesh hole number, size and edge distance rationality on flatness, plating parts can not press the dead edge, workpiece assembly and disassembly order, non-interference, can not affect the assembly, etc.

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