Improvement of sealing strip spraying process

According to the communication with the sealing strip supplier, the sealing strip of this model is sprayed online with solvent based coating. The production process is: feeding → extrusion → preheating tank → microwave tank → surface treatment → online spraying → oven 1 → oven 2 → cooling water tank → fixed length cutting. Because the microwave bath is at a high temperature of about 500 ℃, the product surface is not cooled enough during spraying, and the temperature is still as high as 210~230 ℃, which is very easy to cause too fast solvent volatilization, especially at the sharp corners of the edge lines where it is difficult to hang materials, the coating film thickness is seriously insufficient, and the appearance quality is poor. In order to reduce the rubber surface temperature during on-line spraying, on the premise of not affecting the production efficiency, while increasing the coating viscosity, the oven 1 is placed after the microwave bath process, and a cooling water bath process is added. The adjusted production process is: feeding → extrusion → preheating bath → microwave bath → oven 1 → cooling water bath 1 → surface treatment → on-line spraying → drying 2 → cooling water bath 2 → fixed length cutting.

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