Laser cutting and its burr

Laser cutting machine has been widely used in the sheet metal processing industry. Because of its high efficiency, good quality of finished products, flexible processing and other advantages, it has been more and more loved by the sheet metal processing industry. However, when some customers use the laser cutting machine, there are many burrs on the workpiece.

Burr is actually excessive residue particles on the surface of metal materials. When the laser cutting machine processes the workpiece, the laser beam irradiates the workpiece surface, and the energy generated vaporizes the workpiece surface to achieve the purpose of cutting. When cutting, auxiliary gas will be used to quickly blow off the slag on the metal surface to make the cutting section smooth and burr free. Different auxiliary gases shall be used for cutting different materials. If the gas is impure or the pressure is not enough, resulting in small flow, the slag will not be blown clean and burrs will be formed. Another reason is the setting of equipment parameters, such as incorrect up and down positions of laser focus, etc.

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