Nursing process of indoor iron exhibition stand

  1. avoid collision.

The place where the exhibition stand is placed should be the place where hard objects are not often touched; Once a place is selected, it should not change frequently; The ground on which the exhibition stand is placed should also be kept flat to make the four legs of the exhibition stand stable. If it is unstable, the exhibition stand will be slightly deformed over time, affecting the service life of the exhibition stand.

  1. clean and remove dust.

It is best to use pure cotton knitwear as a cloth to wipe the surface of the exhibition rack. Pay attention to the dust in the dents on the display frame and the relief decoration.

  1. keep away from acid and alkali.

If acid (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar) or alkali (such as methyl alkali, soapy water, soda water) is accidentally stained on the iron exhibition frame, clean the contaminated area with clean water immediately and wipe it dry with dry cotton cloth.

  1. keep away from the sun.

The display rack should be placed away from the direct sunlight outside the window. If the iron exhibition frame is exposed to the sun for a long time, the paint color will change; The colored paint layer is cracked and peeled, and the metal is oxidized and deteriorated. If you can’t remove the display frame due to strong sunlight, you can use curtains or blinds to cover it.

  1. keep away from moisture.

The indoor humidity shall be maintained within the normal value. The exhibition stand should be far away from the humidifier. Humidity will cause corrosion of metal and stripping of chromium plating. During the large-scale cleaning of exhibition stands, do not use boiled water to clean the exhibition stands. Wipe them with a damp cloth, but do not use running water to wash them.

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