Ordinary computer case

Ordinary computer case materials

The plastic of the front panel of the good chassis is made of ABS engineering plastic, which is firm and stable. If the plastic used in the chassis [1] is not hard or brittle enough, it is easy to crack, and there will certainly be a quality problem. The steel plate shall be at least 0.8mm. The material shall be galvanized steel plate with high hardness and strong elasticity. If the thickness is not enough or a little hard, it is certainly not a good material.

Ordinary computer case workmanship

1 check whether the chassis frame is firm and stable.

  1. Check whether the internal production is professional.
  2. Whether the size is matched, and whether the position positioning of the drive slot and the plug is accurate.
  3. Check whether there are EMI contacts, which can reduce electromagnetic waves, which is conducive to human health.

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