Precautions for single process finish painting

Single process topcoat refers to the spraying system in which one coating is sprayed to form a complete topcoat layer.

(1) Wear appropriate protective equipment, paint work clothes, safety glasses, full-scale air supply mask, solvent proof gloves and work shoes.

(2) Before spraying the finish paint, the surface of the workpiece shall be degreased and cleaned, and then the fine impurities on the surface of the workpiece shall be removed with a sticky dust cloth to reduce the dirty spots on the finish paint.

(3) Add appropriate curing agent (two-component topcoat) and diluent according to product blending requirements. Generally, the curing agent and diluent are divided into slow drying, standard drying, fast drying and other types. When using, the curing agent and diluent suitable for the ambient temperature shall be selected. The specific mixing requirements refer to the information and suggestions of the paint manufacturer. After mixing them evenly, they shall be filtered with the finish filter screen and poured into the spray gun. The plain finish paint is generally sprayed with a gravity pot spray gun with a mouth diameter of 1.3 or 1.4.

(4) Operate and adjust the spray gun correctly. The specific spray gun setting parameters shall refer to the data and suggestions of the paint manufacturer and spray gun manufacturer. Select the spray gun with accurate air pressure adjustment, and you can select the built-in digital spray gun, additional digital barometer and gun tail pressure regulator. Unstable spraying air pressure will cause uneven paint color and inconsistent film thickness.

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