Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication and Manufacturing from JIATONG Sheet Metal Supplier


Dongguan Jiatong(Xunjia) Precision Hardware Products Co., Ltd

Was Established in March 2011 and located in Humen Town, Guangdong Province. The factory has an area of about 8,200 square meters and is a professional precision sheet metal origin manufacturer, providing customers with a full set of latest automated sheet metal production solutions that integrate Precision Laser CuttingFiber CuttingCNC Robot BendingRivetingWelding, Broaching, DrillingTappingRiveting, Shearing, Deep Drawing, CNC Machining, Metal FinishingAssembling Etc. From blanking to spraying, some processes have been automated.

Since the establishment, the management system and team building have always been the focus of work, Jiatong XJ has successfully passed the ISO9001 2015 system qualification certification in August 2013. The ERP system was introduced in 2014. At present, 15 people with more than 15 years’ sheet metal production experience, 30 people with 10-15 years’ sheet metal work experience, and other major technical and management personnel have more than 5 years’  work experience at the same position in Large-scale foreign-funded enterprises. Currently there are 160 employees. Click here Equipment list/Materials/FAQ to learn More.

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