Principle of chassis heat dissipation

The large amount of heat generated by the electronic components in the cabinet is cooled by the cabinet using various methods. Compared with similar products, the sheet metal cabinet dissipates heat through the combination of forced convection inside and the external installation of compact air exchange device and natural heat dissipation device of the shell. Because the environmental dust seriously affects the use of the cabinet, the cabinet needs to have good sealing. The basic condition of using air heat exchange device in sheet metal cabinet is that the temperature of the external environment is lower than that in the box, so that two separate air channels can circulate, so as to prevent dust and ambient air from reaching the cabinet. The main working principle of the air heat exchange device: the high-temperature air in the closed cabinet is introduced into the heat exchange device by the internal high-performance fan, and the external fan drives the external low-temperature air, while the heat exchange is mainly formed in the exchange aluminum plate, which is used for heat conduction to avoid direct contact between the air. The main formula is: natural heat dissipation of the enclosure = convection of the enclosure + radiation heat dissipation of the enclosure, so as to achieve the purpose of sealing heat dissipation inside the larger cabinet.

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