Sheet metal wall mounted disinfection cabinet

Household disinfection cabinet is a special disinfection equipment for kitchen tableware, which is applicable to the disinfection of common tableware such as basins, bowls and chopsticks. With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to a healthy lifestyle, pay more and more attention to the cleaning and hygiene of household kitchen utensils, and household disinfection cabinets are more and more introduced into people’s family life. So, what kind of disinfection cabinet do people like? From the perspective of industrial design, people prefer disinfection cabinets that occupy small space, are intuitive, clean, simple, modern, safe and simple.

In short, in the process of disinfection cabinet design, designers should start from the perspective of users, comprehensively consider users’ use needs, aesthetic needs and emotional needs in the design, and integrate their own creativity into it. On the basis of realizing product functions, designers should carry out design innovation from the aspects of modeling, color, material, process, structure, man-machine, etc. through humanized and emotional design, It gives the product a unique and distinct image in appearance, improves the ease of operation and comfort of the product in man-machine, and provides users with a novel, unique, intuitive, simple, safe and comfortable use experience.

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