The basic principle of robot spot welding in sheet metal welding

Robot spot welding tongs must adapt to the welding specifications required for spot welding workpiece:

  1. According to the material and thickness of the workpiece, determine the maximum short-circuit current and maximum pressure of the electrode of the welding tongs;
  2. According to the shape of the workpiece and the position of the welding spot on the workpiece, determine the throat depth, throat width, electrode holding rod, maximum stroke, working stroke, etc;
  3. Based on the position distribution of all welding spots on the workpiece, determine which welding tongs to choose. Generally, there are four kinds of welding tongs, namely: C-type single pass welding tongs, C-type double stroke welding tongs, X-type single pass welding tongs and X-type double stroke welding tongs;
  4. When the above conditions are met, the weight of the welding tongs shall be reduced as much as possible.

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