The sheet metal industry has entered into informationization and networking

Sheet metal parts are widely used in automobile, electronics, light industry, aerospace and other industries. According to statistics, nearly 90% of metal products on the market are sheet metal parts. The increasing market demand requires the design speed of sheet metal parts and the subsequent improvement. The first job of sheet metal part design is to unfold the sheet metal part correctly. The traditional sheet metal part unfolding is done by hand. In recent years, some functional modules of sheet metal parts have been more or less integrated in some CAD design systems, but there are excessive requirements for designers and manufacturers, error-prone, waste products. problems such as high rate, excessive design and programming workload, etc.

Today, when information technology has attracted much attention, in order to promote the information development of the sheet metal design industry, shorten the design cycle of sheet metal parts, and improve the utilization rate of the sheet metal, taking the unfolding design of sheet metal parts as the object, research on the network environment The unfolding calculation, drawing and data storage of sheet metal parts were developed, and a prototype system for unfolding design of sheet metal parts based on WEB was developed. Its simple operation interface and fast and accurate design process meet the needs of today’s sheet metal parts unfolding calculation, drawing diversification and complexity, making it no longer limited to complicated manual calculation drawing or tedious program code writing.

In this system, users within the authority only need to input the known unfolding parameters into the browser interface, and they can easily obtain the unfolded drawing and 3D modeling drawing of the corresponding sheet metal part, which greatly reduces the design task and helps In order to improve production efficiency and economic benefits, it is easy to provide design services for small and medium-sized enterprises, solve the problem of insufficient product design capabilities, and meet the needs of modern manufacturing informatization and networking.