What affects the Accuracy of Sheet Metal Workpiece Bending?

 Custom Aluminium Box
Custom Aluminium Box

In the process of sheet metal processing, the accuracy of sheet metal workpiece bending has an important influence on the quality of the product. It can be said that the higher the accuracy of the workpiece bending, the more the quality of the product is guaranteed. In sheet metal processing, it is especially important to improve the accuracy of workpiece bending.

Machine deflection deformation. Uneven load is most likely to cause bending deformation. When there is a load, the upper and lower sliding blocks will deflect and deform, thus reducing the actual displacement of the middle part of the sliding block, causing the workpiece to produce inconsistent angles throughout its length, and the middle angle is greater than the two ends, which directly affects the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece.

Unevenness of the plate material. Different grades of material, the thickness and hardness of the plate will have different degrees of deviation, different manufacturers produce a large difference in thickness, material positioning edge if the burr is very large or seam is large, the molding process causes the expansion of the material end, the accuracy of the bending size will have an impact. Or in the plate rolling, due to the uneven strength, there will be rebound, resulting in errors in accuracy.

Rebound. Bending deformation of the material is the transition from elastic deformation to plastic deformation, the mechanical properties of the material rebound angle is proportional to the yield limit of the material, and the elastic modulus is inversely proportional to the bending mode of free bending rebound is the largest, corrective bending rebound is the smallest, press bottom bending between the two; plate bending rebound with the increase in plate material thickness and decrease.

The impact of workpiece bending. When the workpiece is bent, there will be dimensional errors at both ends and in the center part. Although the size of the error can be adjusted by adjusting the backstop position or in the middle of the additional backstop and other methods to achieve a certain degree of adjustment, but can not fundamentally eliminate the impact of this bending deformation.

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