What are the Main Methods of Sheet Metal Connection?

In sheet metal processing, the sheet metal parts are fastened by one way of coupling, and the main methods of sheet metal coupling can be welding, threaded coupling, riveting and bonding.

sheet metal processing
Sheet Metal Processing

Welding: The process of partial or overall heating or plastic deformation of the welded parts, or heating and plastic deformation at the same time, to achieve a long time connection francium method, can be divided into: red arc welding, gas shielded arc welding, laser welding, section welding and contact welding, mainly using gas shielded welding contact welding.

Threaded connection: easy to install the local area, easy to disassemble the advantages of simple operation, commonly used in removable steel connections, which can be divided into screw connections and bolt connections.

Riveting: The rivet will be used to connect the parts of the metal structure or the combination of parts together, rivet types are more, we commonly used rivets are closed round head blind rivets, closed countersunk head blind rivets J and open type round head blind rivets.

Bonding: A method of joining parts together by bonding them together with an adhesive.

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