What is the Stainless Steel Wind Turbine Chassis?

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Custom Sheet Metal Boxes

The wind turbines and towers in wind turbines are manufactured using steel structures. In the structure is divided into integral and combined two forms: integral is composed of components such as the main shaft and bearing housing; combined is composed of a number of unit modules (including hubs) by welding a multi-section steel frame or profile assembly body.

Features of stainless steel wind turbine chassis:

1, the material is strong and corrosion-resistant. Because the stainless steel material has good corrosion resistance and high strength, toughness, so its service life is much longer than the general carbon steel, can be long-term stable use of the effect.

2, beautiful appearance, easy to clean. Stainless steel tank surface is smooth and flat, easy to clean and disinfection, not easy to attach scale, algae substances and affect the use of efficiency and service life, but also to prevent the breeding and spread of bacteria, is conducive to maintaining water hygiene and safety, to protect the environment.

3, light weight, easy to transport. The density of stainless steel material is 7.93g/cm3, less than 1/3 of the density of ordinary steel, with good weight reduction, can greatly reduce the cost of installation.

Stainless steel wind power generation equipment chassis Mainly used in solar photovoltaic power station wind and solar complementary system, can also be used for wind and solar complementary system converter part, can also be used to do a variety of electrical equipment control room and control center room and other occasions.

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