Improve the design ability of sheet metal parts

Engineers and designers must ensure that the CAD system they purchase is compatible with the current program. If not, they may start from scratch. The initial requirement is to determine the sheet metal compatibility in the CAD setup you plan to purchase. However, no single CAD system can meet all your design needs, which is the fact that all of us must accept. In addition, some of the most advanced CAD systems available today may not be compatible with your current tools. Now there are more available CAD modeling platforms with sheet metal design functions, which can be easily used to develop 3D models. In addition, there are various CAD systems that can convert solid models into sheet metal elements, and then supplement plane patterns from them.

CAD system with manufacturability function design will improve productivity and minimize waste of time. It is strongly recommended to use DFM function in sheet metal product design, because this system can ensure the operability of patterns before sending them to the workshop.

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