Sheet metal protective cover

The sheet metal part is a curved protective cover, which is made of aluminum magnesium alloy, with a thickness of 1m. The protective cover is designed to be 118m long, 160m wide, 60m deep, 20m flange along the circumference, and the end face of the protective cover is a mixed curved surface. As the tensile height of the part is 0.5, the following difficulties exist in the forming process: the sheet is thin and the ductility is poor; The corner is difficult to form at one time, and there will be wrinkling or cracking problems; The design of curved surface mold is difficult; The design of three-dimensional curved surface needs to be tested continuously. There are difficulties in cost control and manufacturing cycle, and there are difficulties in the welding and processing of curved thin-walled plates.

The main reason for wrinkling in the flange area of sheet metal parts is that the blank holder force is too low or the flattening gap is too large, which will cause the slab to flow into the concave die. Such defects are generally improved by increasing the blank holder force or reducing the blank holder gap.

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