How is Laser Cutting Better than Traditional CNC Punching?

Custom Sheet Metal Enclosures
Custom Sheet Metal Enclosures

Laser cutting is currently a very common technology on metal sheet processing, the principle of processing is through the laser to generate a high-energy laser beam and gathered on the surface of the metal material, can make the plate is irradiated and quickly melted, played a cutting effect. The CNC punching machine is a kind of automatic machine tool equipment controlled by computer program. The CNC punching machine has a great improvement in the accuracy of cutting and also reduces the cost, only need to use a simple mold to match to complete most of the work. But compared with laser cutting, the efficiency of CNC punching machine on the short board. The following are the advantages of laser cutting:

One, can be a variety of metal sheet cutting process, especially for the 2 cm below the metal plate cutting has obvious efficiency.

Second, even if the graphics requirements are very complex, only need to draw in advance on the computer, into the system, then cutting up no problem.

Third, the laser is particularly accurate in cutting, and the thermal deformation is small, non-contact processing, the surface almost no secondary polishing work.

Fourth, the high technology content, the use of only electricity and auxiliary gas.

Fifth, the use of environmental protection, and no noise pollution, and will not have any pollutants on the surrounding environment.

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