Why Computer Case should choose aluminum alloy case?

Custom Steel Enclosures
Custom Steel Enclosures

The choice of aluminum chassis should not only consider hardware compatibility, expansion performance, etc., but also consider the material of the chassis. The case is one of the very important parts of the computer, it is not only a platform for hardware bearing, but also a representative of the overall image of the host, showing the player’s hands-on ability and talent to transform the stage. Here are the reasons for choosing aluminum alloy chassis for computer cases:

1, most of the computer cases used in aluminum a copper alloy, if you consider the problem of heat dissipation, because copper and aluminum mixed extrusion manufacturing, its thermal performance is quite good, even in – some high-end CPU water cooling fan is also used in this material.

2, aluminum alloy chassis is lighter, and heat dissipation is also better than iron or steel, the service life is also longer, for radiation and electromagnetic are much better than iron and steel.

3, aluminum alloy chassis is the new chassis material in recent years, in the same thickness, aluminum than the strength of steel to high, so the aluminum alloy chassis, lighter than steel chassis, high strength. And aluminum alloy itself is better than the oxidation resistance of steel, so the gold chassis generally do not need to paint, some high-end chassis often like to use aluminum alloy manufacturing.

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